Other conditions

We treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from lower back, neck and shoulder problems to sports injuries. Injuries such as tendonitis, muscle strains, ligament sprains, joint pain, muscle pain, poor posture and cartilage tears are commonly treated at The Hyndland Physiotherapy Clinic. Some problems are related to working long hours and poor posture, which can strain the spine, and many of us will experience these types of injuries throughout our lifetimes. With many years of experience in private physiotherapy practice, we specialise in sports injuries for both amateur and professional athletes, and work-related conditions.

All patients will undergo a thorough assessment prior to treatment to identify the exact nature of injury and what underlying factors could be contributing to their pain. Our physical therapists will then determine an appropriate treatment plan aimed specifically for each individual.

Treatments are based on accurate manipulation of the affected areas to gain pain relief and the retraining of muscles following an injury is essential. We provide treatment aimed at restoring good posture to minimise the risk of re-occurrence which also helps you to achieve the look and feel of a healthy and balanced body.