Massage helps to reduce muscle tear and spasm.  It facilitates flexibility, strength and endurance of muscles.  It can also help posture and stress related problems.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is best described as physical joint mobilisation techniques for neck and back problems.  Mobilisation of a frozen shoulder is a good example of manual therapy.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise prescription may form part of a physiotherapy programme.  The clinic has a spacious and well equipped gym area.  Exercise programmes are tailored for the individual and they help prevention and reoccurrence of pain and injury.  Modified Pilates


Ultrasound therapy is available.  This treatment is helpful in reducing inflammation and pain and can also be used for pain relief in nerve related problems or to help reduce swelling.


Acupuncture is available at the clinic and this involves inserting and manipulating fine needles into specific points along channels called meridians.  It can be very effective in relieving pain in conditions such as back pain or tennis elbow. It is also very effective on conditions such as migraines, anxiety and depression, insomnia and gynaecological issues. Cosmetic Acupuncture also available.

Home visits

Domiciliary visits are frequently carried out around the local area of the clinic. These can be arranged to help people who have difficulty in travelling to the clinic.

On site work

Our clinic currently carries out treatment in the workplace.  This has a benefit to the workers and also the company.  Prevention of loss of working hours has proved cost effective.  More details can be given on enquiry.


Routine chiropody is available at £30 per ½ hour session.

Podiatry and orthotics

Biomechanical assessment is available.  Orthotics can be prescribed to make the foot more efficient as a shock absorber.  This service is used frequently by runners.

Sports massage

This service is available for people preparing for endurance events such as running and cycling.  It can form and important part of preparation to prevent injury and provide optimum performance.


Pilates sessions are available as either individual or group sessions.  Contact Kerry stewart for more information.

Nutritionist Consultant

Consultations are carried out here at the Hyndland clinic. Contact Penny Vlachou for more information.