Podiatry involves the assessment and treatment of conditions affecting the foot and ankle.
Treatment is offered for all manner of conditions affecting the foot including skin and soft tissue problems, disorders of the nails, and  biomechanical problems relating to the feet.

Routine Podiatry - £30
Treatment is available for callous, corns, nails problems, verrucae and fungal infections of the skin and nails.

Biomechanics Assessment - £45
Involves assessment of the dynamic function of the foot and how it may relate to musculoskeletal problems within the foot and affecting other parts of the body.  Conditions commonly treated include heel pain (plantar fasciitis), achilles tendon problems, pain in the forefoot (metatarsalgia), shin pain and knee pain.

Treatment often includes advice on the most appropriate footwear, the provision of specialist insoles (foot orthoses) and advice on suitable exercise.

A close working relationship with physiotherapists in the practice allow for a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment where required.