Sports massage therapy

Sports massage is a form of massage specifically aimed at treating soft tissue aches, pains and injuries associated with sporting activities.

It is a deep tissue massage incorporating different techniques which aims to decrease muscle tension, improve flexibility of muscles and joints, and to assist the body systems function at their optimum level. Sports massage can be used as part of a training programme to help prevent injury, and part of a rehabilitation programme to treat injury, but can also be applied to muscular aches and pains experienced from everyday life, especially repetitive strain injuries.

Can Sports Massage benefit me?

Sports massage therapists work with a great range of clients, not just athletes. The principles of sports massage therapy can be applied to any soft tissue problem from postural issues to repetitive strain injury. So whether you are an office worker or a highly trained athlete, sports massage can help relieve muscular tension caused by such activities and in doing so reduce pain, facilitate movement and encourage relaxation.

What to expect

On your first visit there will be an initial consultation, detailing your medical history, current medication and any previous injuries, as well as the reason for your visit. It may also include an examination of your posture, joint range of movement and muscle strength to complete an accurate assessment. This will enable the therapist to assess your requirements and then discuss with you a plan of treatment. It will also highlight anyone with a condition for whom sports massage may not be appropriate.

For your massage treatment, you may be asked to remove some clothing to access the area to be worked on and you may feel more comfortable bringing a pair of shorts to change in to, however your dignity and comfort will be maintained throughout.

The therapist will talk to you during the massage to gain feedback and you may also be asked to perform some movements to assist the treatment. At the end of the massage session the therapist may recommend stretches and make suggestions regarding further treatments if appropriate.