On site work

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the biggest causes of sickness absence at work and getting prompt treatment is a major concern for both employees and employers and early treatment is crucial to reduce the length of time that employees are off work with injuries.

If your employees are sitting around waiting for 6-8 weeks for their GP to refer them to the NHS physiotherapy service, then your business is losing money. The longer it takes to get a physiotherapy referral, the longer the treatment will take, and the greater the length of absence.

Our Clinic currently carries out treatment in the marketplace and enables access to a physiotherapist within 24 hours. Treating the problem early can keep staff in work, or speed up their return to work whilst receiving treatment. This reduces the need to employ temporary staff to cover sickness-absence and has a benefit to the worker and also the company.

The Hyndland Clinic's On-site Physiotherapy Service allows you to decide on the number of hours, the time of day and the range of services that would benefit your employees. With our on-site physiotherapy services there is no wasted time travelling to and from clinics and no need to wait around. Additionally a physiotherapist on-site offers an opportunity to break the cycle of repeated periods of absence for the same recurrent condition such as low back pain.

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