Pre and Post surgical physiotherapy

The physiotherapy service  at the  Hyndland clinic provides Pre and Post  surgical care. All the physiotherapist have at least 15 years experience working with patients before and after surgery.


The evidence shows the benefits to patients of exercising before they go for knee and hip surgery. The physiotherapists at the clinic are happy to advice patients on exercises  which they can do to prepare them for surgery.


The Hyndland clinic has for many years provided care for patients following hip, knee and shoulder replacements. The clinicians here have vast experience in all areas of surgical rehabilitation including ACL reconstruction, achilees tendin repair and shoulder surgery.

The physiotherapists at the Hyndland clinic have been involved in the development of various rehabilitation protocols used across the country including the ACL reconstruction protocol( see Glasgow Sports Surgery Service) and shoulder rehabilitation programmes( see painfulshoulder.co.uk)